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July 12, 2007

Gerry Larson

Jan, just wanted to thank you and everyone for all the effort for putting together this reunion. Great job by everyone! If Steve Lewis shows, and you can find Matt Morrison, would the festivities include The Birds duing a daughters hide your mothers reunion? See you there! thanks again. Gerry


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July 6, 2007

Bill Thermos

wow..this is really going to be something!!..have you heard from Paul Johnson.?..i know his parents were living in new mexico..i thought he might be in nothern cal...anyway Mom is still kicking (more energy than me) still owns the 49 s. washington..(old camera store building) ..thank god sister judy managing...actually i think his mom was in southern AZ..whatever?? I have lane school pictures from 3rd grade on...BUT ..i am holding them for ransom!! see you soon..your friend always...BILL


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June 2, 2007

Sherry Kinsman

HI Jan.

Sherry Kinsman (living in Maine) here . . . I see you are listed as an organizer or some such for reunions. . . . I assume I missed a reunion for the 40th last summer? Can you bring me up to date?

I would also greatly appreciate getting information on how to contact Joan Gamble, Barbara Stannard, and Jamie Hultberg. Can you let me know their recent email addresses?

I hope you are well and that the reunion (assuming . . .) went well.

I really enjoyed the 30th.

Sherry Kinsman


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June 2, 2007

Ed Ledding

Hey Jan,
Thought you'd be interested to know, John's IN.
I drowned my cell phone, while sailing!
Sorry I've again lost your#.
mine is 818-723-1620!
I should be in the vicinity of Palos Verders in June.
John will be inducted Homecoming weekend Friday 9/28/07 at the Hinsdale Golf Club. 
Cocktails at 6, Dinner at 7, ceremony at 8.
I'm attaching the notification letter, and schedule Gordon sent.

What about something to get the message to the kids?
A vehicle to best bring John's message and lega...


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