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October 2, 2007

Lynda Nutt McIntyre

Dear Jan (and I am sending this to Ross, as well),

What an extraordinary weekend! An amazing amount of planning and hard work went into it, and although I'm sure there are many others to thank, you two headed it up - and it was worth every single second.

For me it was an experience of rediscovering people with whom I'd been close in high school, but whom I had not seen in all the years since. For the three weeks leading up to the reunion, 7 of us were emailing back and forth almost daily. I was making 7 brand new friends at once! Not to mention all the people at the actual party - and I did not get to talk to nearly as many as I would have liked.

Saturday at the parade (with lunch following), and the party Saturday night, were the most fun I have had in the past 15 or 20 years (I think - one does not like to rule out memory loss). I don't know what that says about my life! ~ but it was one heck of a bash. Good food, FABULOUS music, great people.

Thank you.

Lynda Nutt McIntyre


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