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June 2, 2007

Ed Ledding

Hey Jan,
Thought you'd be interested to know, John's IN.
I drowned my cell phone, while sailing!
Sorry I've again lost your#.
mine is 818-723-1620!
I should be in the vicinity of Palos Verders in June.
John will be inducted Homecoming weekend Friday 9/28/07 at the Hinsdale Golf Club. 
Cocktails at 6, Dinner at 7, ceremony at 8.
I'm attaching the notification letter, and schedule Gordon sent.

What about something to get the message to the kids?
A vehicle to best bring John's message and legacy to the kids in the school?
That's what's this is all really about. Benefiting the students.
In form and content relevant to and in the voice of students?

Maybe some words and images? a comic book? a my space style video?
Part of which could be a John Cam?
We express our remembered high school voices.
Our personal inner thoughts at the time.
How it FELT. What we THOUGHT.
How John's actions and example can help.
OK... well maybe a little dramatic licence. Verisimilitude isn't the goal.
I'd just betcha the the inner feeing's thoughts are not so different now.
Only the faces and names change.

Something to get the message to the kids. Simple yet effective and elegant.
Any Ideas?

Sometimes I could use some myself!
Thank again!
Best, Ed


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