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September 5, 2012

Napa Information

 Hi Mark and everyone else who is planning to celebrate in Napa,

The weekend is ours to enjoy without any great agenda or planning schedule. The only thing definitely happening at this point is a planned dinner in the Royal Oak Room on the premises at 8:30 Saturday night. There is a huge indoor/outdoor bar-terrace area to meet informally before dinner. There is also an informal grill that is open for dinner Friday night and breakfast every day with a buffet on Sunday. No worries about dressy attire.

We hope to have a LATE morning impromptu meeting (NOT mandatory) on Saturday to throw some ideas around for the 50th. Meeting location to be announced.

Other than that, there is a golf course, a spa with outdoor pool and tub, and the whole of Napa Valley for wine tasting and shopping throughout the weekend at your leisure.

Most people are planning to arrive Friday late afternoon/evening and check out around noon on Sunday. Let them know when you check in that you are with the HTHS group, so we can get a definite head count for dinner.

Debbie Osborn


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Karen Conway on October 22, 2012 6:24 PM

Count me in for dinner at the Silverado as I'll arrive around 6 or so on Saturday night with those annoying bells on my toes! 



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