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August 20, 2012


Ah, what a year.  Bass fishing in Mexico and a week in Cabo with the
Wellingtons during the cold months.  Had a mini-reunion with some HTers
in Phoenix during a layover there. Finished remodeling my cabin in the
country enough that it now qualifies to be called my "place" in the
country. Sold my home of 15 years and "downsized" with ouside
maintainence provided.  Was 102 to 106 degrees the 2 days we moved, and
I of course ended up in the hospital with heat exhaustion.   Imagine
that, this 63 year old body can't work like it used to. Heading to
Colorado next week to trout fish with Tom Cousins and Gary Withall. (Tom informs me that he has ordered 3 cases of wine) I guess we'll fish,
maybe. Then the highlight of the year coming up in Oct., NAPA!!!!!  See
the common thread here, you'd think after all this time I could rid
myself of you people, but NOOOOO....... Anyway, truly looking forward
to getting together for the "soft reunion"  and retelling the same old
stories that we have been embellishing for over 40 years now.    


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