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August 13, 2012

45th Reunion Gathering

 Hey friends,
I was happy to see Debbie Osborn's encouragement to anyone thinking  
about joining the small group gathering up in Napa. It is truly such a  
beautiful area, peaceful, pastoral, and delectable, and I hope anyone  
inclined will go for it!
I wanted to mention that planning for our 50th reunion is a worthy  
endeavor in my view, and that was sent home to me when I compared my  
college's 40th reunion in 2011. I made a couple of suggestions to our  
committee there, speaking of the website Jan created, and how that  
website allowed people to rekindle relationships before even  
committing to coming, and about how warm and personal our 40th turned  
out to be. The large number of us who came, combined with the general  
great spirit, was a testament to something special we had, which I'm  
sure has to do with our small town upbringing, and the fact that so  
many of us grew up in front of each other's eyes.
My college reunion did not turn out so fortunately. The planning  
seemed in the right direction, but no one "worked" the website, and  
ultimately, when people showed up, they broke down into the same small  
cliques as always - like time stood still. I will no doubt not return  
to another.
As for Hinsdale - I for one want to be part of enjoying the lifelong  
birds-eye view on each other's lives. There wasn't a person at our  
40th I did not feel happy to see, and proud to know. That's why I'm  
going to Napa - in addition to the laughter I know will ensue.
Come ahead, if you've any desire. We'll stay "chill," and just enjoy a  
couple days, with our shared memories.
Nancy Morgan


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