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June 14, 2010

Why a reunion?

Why a 45th reunion?  Here's an excellent reason.  If we don't have one, the next time we all get together will be for our 50th.  I don't know about you, but for me "50th reunion" doesn't have such a great ring to it. I can remember when my mother was on the planning committee for her HTHS 50th, and she seemed pretty ancient at the time.  (She's alive and well, by the way, age 92 and living in northern California.  Honestly, it's hard to fit the words "50th reunion" and "rock 'n roll" into the same sentence!  So let's not pass up one more chance to pretend we're still 18 and able to party with the best of them!


I had a great time catching up with everyone at our 40th.  It's fascinating to see the many different journeys we've taken.  Mine brought me to Cambridge and New Hampshire, a long way from Hinsdale.  Some of my friends are starting to retire, but I'm still busy and engaged in an active law practice, doing intellectual property litigation.  Most recently, I've taken on what seems like a second full-time job, as Chairman of the Board of the American Repertory Theater.  I am thoroughly immersed in the arts and loving it.


I see a few of you from time to time, but not often enough, and I really do hope we can pull off a 45th.


Best to everyone,


Don Ware  


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