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December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Recks'

Dear Jan, Well, here I am on an airplane on my way back from Salt Lake to Chicago – of course about 2 hours late.  At least I now have 6 days on the snow so far this year, and I will be off to Wisconsin with the Hinsdale Trolls Ski Club with a few hundred kids to hit the “slopes” there. I have been doing that for 13 years now even though Dan and Alan have long grown out of that program!!
Alan went out to out to our house in Utah with me for spring break last year with our good friends, Ardes and Tim Poisson and their son Tim, last March. Hopefully, we will continue that tradition for many years to come.
Dan took a car trip this past summer with a friend to Utah and saw the summer version of how beautiful it can be.  Here is a shot from the year I purchased the house with a view from the deck of the Hellgate Cliff.

Yes, those are my feet – I was taking a breather after a long day on the mountain on the deck and thought it would be a nice picture (of the mountain, that is).
Sue is still the Heartsfield band Web master (mistress) and continues her computer activities.  She will have some work coming up soon as we are going to redo the whole Web site to focus on our promotional tour that will begin and a month or two and we will have a new look and feel as the band has just finished its 11th album.  We went back to our vocal rock roots and have put together a tremendous album.  You will see the change-over right after Christmas, so watch <> for developments.
Alan continues his job at Flashpoint Academy where is works as a game designer, but has spent a lot of time on the game programming curriculum and in the classroom.  Putting his skills to work, he will be releasing his new computer game, Coniclysm, on Steam, the leading publisher computer games on line.  The game is for PCs and Xbox.  Watch his information at his Web site, <> .  
Dan continues his work at Monmouth College in western Illinois where he serves as the Assistant Director of Greek Life, Leadership, and Involvement Program.  He also has renewed his license as an Emergency Medical Technician over the past year and his skills have come in handy on more than one occasion this past year.  
My mom and dad continue to live in the house I grew up in only a mile or so from us in Hinsdale.  Both are 88 years old, and my dad will turn 89 on the 28th of this month!!  He is very forgetful, but my mom pushes on and is amazing, being active in the Hinsdale Woman’s Club, book club, bridge club, her unit at the church, and a lot of other things.  She hosted our family’s Thanksgiving dinner (although I cooked the turkey and brought it over to her house).  She is quite active on her new computer and seems to have more energy than many half her age.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.
Dan is an avid scout and since my dad and both Dan and Alan were Eagle Scouts, so here is the clan in full Scouting garb:

I continue to ski and snowboard with 48 days on the snow last season, play basketball over 100 days each year (who can count that many?), and am active with the garden.  We had another bumper crop this year and I never get tired of those great tomatoes on my BLT sandwiches.  
Professionally, I am still on 3 public company boards (Merge Healthcare, Interactive Intelligence, and Advanced Life Sciences) as well as a few private and not-for-profit companies.  I will continue to consider another public company board as I have the time and enjoy this type of work (let me know if you have any ideas for me).  I continue to work with the Heartsfield band and have a lot of fun with that endeavor.  The new album has some spectacular songs on it and we have gone back to our vocal harmonies from the early years while maintaining the extraordinary musicianship.  We are quite excited about the upcoming release of the album.  More on that later.
Perry (the leader of the band) and I went out to LA to final mix the album which was recorded in Jim Peterik’s (Eye of the Tiger, Hang on Loosely, etc – member of the Ides of March and Survivor) studio here in Illinois.
And, as a special treat, I got to play banjo and guitar with the original Heartsfield band members this past summer.  Ok, we are old guys, but come on, how often do you get to get on stage with one of your favorite all time bands?

I have said since my retirement from KPMG that I want to have fun and rock and roll, and that is exactly what I am doing.
We hope you have a great holiday season and a wonderful 2010.
The Reck Family
Dick, Sue, Dan, and Alan Reck


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