Hello to all my fellow HTHS '67 Seniors!

    As a former HTHS cheerleader and pep rally chairman, I would like to invite you all to a fun and easy online pre-reunion pep rally.  If you join in, I guarantee you will have more fun at the BIG PARTY on September 29--in fact, you might actually be able to remember who a few of your classmates were and even have something to say to them.

    All you have to do is dig out your old El Diablo yearbooks, dust them off and find the most fun and intriguing entries from your friends and classmates. Next, go to the bottom of this page to the classmate entry section. Copy and paste the little form below into the “message” section of the entry form and fill in your fun findings.  Just imagine what a "roll" it will be to read these. You can submit as many entries as you like and as often as you want.  We can all get a long forgotten glimpse of those days of high school. Check the web site regularly for new entries--your name could be there at any moment. I'll start the event with an entertaining entry in my own '67 El Diablo. Please note that there is a line for current commentary on your entry--you can comment, request a memory jog, or just express your reaction.

Debbie Osborn Hage     

PS:  As always there are a few expected guidelines to joining this event:

1.  All entries must be true and honest and not figments of your 57 year old imagination.
2.  Please no obscenities or really embarrassing revelations.
All El Diablo entries cited in private emails to this group are confidential and intended solely for the amusement of this group.  They may not be publicly disclosed or reproduced in any form of media or else someone is going to face litigation hell!


I haven't forgotten your request for remembrances/ stories / "Boss" happenings from High School.  It's just that my brain didn't adequately "back up" the information left 40 years ago. So, as an aid in remembering, I went back to the 1967 "El Diablo".  What follows is a collaboration or compilation of various remembrances from you, my dear class mates:
NANCY: I will never forget the great time we had this year at Raiders, etc. etc.  Rhetoric was awful, Mr. Mach hated us... L. Nancy (I DON'T REMEMBER RAIDERS AS A PERSON OR GROUP.  WHO IS MR. MACH?)  
HAIGH:  Meadens and my house was so super Boss.  The Fondu (sp), parties, and the hole in the ceiling -- Dego's sickness in the sink.  The Oakbrook visits, the Hinsdale flicks watching "Alfie", 2 aspirins in a coke does wonders. You fell in love with Meg. Winding up with the big bang ...Prom, the chairlift ride was the highlight!  As for our philosophies this summer it depends on you, BTAB depends on me!  As always, Barb ( I GUESS IF THE CHAIRLIFT RIDE WAS THE HIGHLIGHT, PROM WAS NOT SUCH A BIG BANG!  ALL OF THE REMAINING REMEMBRANCES HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN...MAYBE THAT COULD BE THE THEME OF THE 40TH.)  
GINNY ALLISON:'s been a real experience knowing you ( don't think about that too much) I must admit we had fun together (at least most of the time) I'm really sorry about last May.  Someday, if you let me, I'll make it up to you.  Too bad you aren't going to C.U, but prom is over now...I imagine you remember the things I'd like to write, but can't... Love, Ginny  (I DON'T THINK 2 ASPIRINS CAN HELP ME HERE!  WHAT HAPPENED IN MAY TO SCAR ME?  ISN'T IT TIME SHE MAKES IT UP TO ME..I'M NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER!  I LOVED  THE LINK BETWEEN PROM AND HER CHOSEN  UNIVERSITY.)
TERRY PHILLIPS:  Well, I guess I come last again.  What I want to say to you, I can't in here for many reasons, but I hope I can express them to you this summer- if you come to see me that is ( words). I guess I came to my senses about C.B. but I guess that doesn't matter to you now - I only wish it did...Promise to come see me before you leave for school.  Love always,Terry ( BOY, I MUST HAVE HAD QUITE A LAST SUMMER IN HINSDALE...THE TROUBLE IS, I DON'T REMEMBER!  $10 TO WHOEVER IDENTIFIES C.B. DO YOU THINK SHE'LL BE AT THE REUNION?)  
JANURA: Thanks for getting me going I guess it was you who almost made me break my leg a couple of winters ago...remember what I taught you in that one lesson ..."Stein" Janura  ( JAN, WHAT WAS THE LESSON?  NICE DRAWINGS IN MY YEAR BOOK.)
WARE: I guess we've been through a lot this year..this spring was really great for fun times - you may have corrupted me, but it is worth it. Keep up you Zorba the Greek attitude, because it keeps me from becoming too serious and studious... Good luck, Don ( WHEN CAN I DROP THE ZORBA THE GREEK STUFF!  YOU NEEDED A LITTLE CORRUPTION, NOW I'M NOT SO SURE WHAT I MAY HAVE STARTED!)
JANICE MEADEN: Only 15 minutes from Yale?  You know I wouldn't do that - I'm not that kind of girl.  Please let's not recap that night.  I don't care what they say, I had a scream at Homecoming.  They have the friendliest trees in Hrubes front lawn.  I am determined to come see you next year - I may even come unannounced - be prepared.  It's just like a can of beer, right.  Love always, Janice  ( IS IT JUST ME  OR WERE WE ALL SPEAKING IN TONGUES - NO OFFENSE GINNY.  SHE NEVER SURPRISED ME...IS SHE COMING TO THE REUNION?)
FRED MC ELHONE:  Rossy, I'm really going to miss all the great times you and I had...Marathon Night when you ran with pins in your shoulder and Mort drank beer while he ran. All of the Friday nights when Gary ( Withall ), Ens ( Ensign ), you and I would get to the games with 3 minutes left.  Then the rest of the night hustling for sat-nite dates.  When we were brothers it was a riot...have to stick together.  Mick  (  WOW, HUSTLING THE REST OF THE NIGHT - 3 MINUTES TO GET DATES.  I WONDER HOW MANY LONELY NIGHTS THESE FOUR AMIGOS HAD TOGETHER.  ARE THERE ANY TAKERS OUT THERE?  WHERE IS MORTENSON?)
RICH ANDERSON:  Ross Babes, You lucky devil (pun), you  got out of 1/2 of the year with scabby Kaleb.  Boy is she loads of fun...I think we just barely passed Comp. Math, but Johnson was a riot.  I think there are 1/4 of the students that know more than Johnson.  Keep your left one swinging... Love and Kisses, Rich (I GUESS RICH AND I WERE CLOSER BACK THEN!  WHAT HAPPENED TO ME MY LAST SEMESTER OF SENIOR YEAR?  WHY WAS I NOT IN CLASSES? SERIOUSLY.  AT MY AGE, IT'S NOT JUST MY LEFT ONE THAT IS SWINGING.)
MEG (HAARLOW?): Well the boss senior year is over.  I'll never ever forget all the boss times we doubled ( the Mamas and Popas, all the parties, etc. ) And I guess all my advice on certain problems wasn't too much appreciate.  But then again your advice to me wasn't exactly what I had in mind either...good luck and stay away from the Eastern girls, Love and Kisses,  Meg  ( SHE SOUNDS LIKE  THE PERFECT GIRL FOR ME...HOW DID WE NOT HOOK UP AS THEY SAY TODAY, OR WAS IT YESTERDAY.  AT LEAST I TOOK HER ADVICE ABOUT THE EASTERN GIRLS, OR MAYBE SHE ALERTED THEM ABOUT ME!)
JIM HESS:  You have been very sociable toward our gang.  Parties -- good old times they seem now -- but we still have a lot ahead. To future boozers, I salute you...Hester  ( DO ALL OF YOUR YEAR BOOKS READ LIKE MINE?  WE DID NOT BUY YEARBOOKS FOR OUR CHILDREN!)
HANKE: ...There is no doubt that "little Joes really honk out.  Never drink one warm after you've eaten chicken because it's bad news... Hank (ADVICE THAT I FOLLOW TO THIS VERY DAY)
ENSIGN:  When it comes down to it you are one of the best friends I've ever had...  remember all our "private talks" about life and people.  Thanks for the hospitality at your house the past years.  I'll be seeing you a lot this last summer and for the rest of my life I hope.  Let's make our permanent homes in Hinsdale...Love & Kisses, Ens  ( THE ONE FRIEND I WASN'T THERE FOR WHEN HE NEEDED ME...)
JEFF MORTENSON:  ...good times with you are something I will always have with you.  We've had some wild parties at your house, but the parties aren't the real fun, the people are...Next year cut out the wine and song and concentrate on the women.  Mort  ( I AGREE WITH HIM WHEN IT COMES TO PARTIES, BUT I THINK WOMEN GO BETTER WITH WINE AND SONG)
LIZ ELY:  Dear Ross, Dearest Ross?  I don't like to call you my brother, but it really amounts  to that.  We've shared lots of experiences, when you stayed with us, when I had that fit with Withall, Palisades... This year our class has bloomed so to say and we've really had some good times as a class for once.  Next year ought to be good for a laugh.  Sink or swim is going to be our motto.  I hope to see a lot of you (Hint, Hint).  Thanks for being a great friend- Liz  ( SHE IS LIKE A SISTER, AND A GOOD FRIEND.  I'LL NEVER FORGET HOW AMAZED I WAS AFTER STAYING 2 WEEKS WITH HER FAMILY WHEN MY PARENTS WERE TRAVELING HOW SHE COULD LOOK SO GOOD AND PUT TOGETHER WHEN HER ROOM LOOKED LIKE A DUMP AREA!)
MARILYN:  Dear Ross, God! What a year!  I still say we have the greatest class there ever was.  If i ever wanted to wind up our high school experience it would be a must to mention Homecoming Freshman year.  Now don't laugh.  I  guess it was a complete farce to you but I just roll every time I think about it.  I will never, ever forget that.  You and Jan did a good job of Homecoming but I'm the one who got stuck with her when we all got to foxes -- what a mess. There were so many times at my house, at your house, at Janice's, at the Youth Center, that we all had the best of times.  Fondue at Janice's was great.  Barb's parties were something I really think everyone will remember. Oh, and our serious talks.  ( Sitting in Janice's dining room analyzing you and your traumatic situation.  You probably don't even remember)... All those times at Johnny's.  ( Thinking about it gives me indigestion)  I was laughing so hard I thought I would die.  Ya' know, you are one boy who gets in more predicaments than anybody else I know.  Please take care, Love always, Marilyn  ( SHE WAS SOMETHING ELSE.  MY FIRST LOVE.  I MADE HER LAUGH,  SHE MADE ME CRY.  MARILYN WILL BE A FRIEND FOR LIFE)
Well there you have it, my life in High School as seen by my friends.  What chance did I have when all I did was have parties, miss 1/2 my senior classes, try to manage 3 girlfriends at once, almost flunk out, I guess, of math class, all while hanging loose on my left side.  I truly do not remember a great deal about high school.  I do know it went by very quickly and involved some class work, study halls, athletics, dances, concerts, and test taking.  Three years of French 1 and 2 years of Latin did not squelch my desire to travel the World.  What I do remember from the letters, is that they remind me of the people I still care a great deal about.  Thank you for being part of the adventure and do not hesitate to straighten me out at your earliest convenience.

Ross Forbes

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  Lynda Doose Snider
Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Saw Nancy's comment about "Who was Mr. Mach"...Mr. Jeremy Mach was the Journalism teacher and advisor for all things published at HTHS.  I've been trying to track him down for a couple years - I remember he and his wife always had an open door policy for all of us who were actively involved in his classes/publications.  For many who were not part of the mainstream social circle, Mr. Mach gave us something to be proud of!  If anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know!
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  Mark Winter
Saturday, February 14, 2009
It is interesting to see how well our class progressed.  Thanks for the work on this site.  I hope to make the next reunion, I was wroking the last time.
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  Debbie Osborn
Wednesday, April 18, 2007
WRITTEN FROM: Ginny Allison MESSAGE: Deb, What can I say except it's been great knowing you. We have had so many cool experiences over the past years--the nights at the "Hole"--what a great place. Especially that night with Morris and Cheney. And there was New Year's Eve with Johnson & your car accident with Svendson. I could go on forever about the things we've done together. This year has been so cool--Pom Poms was really neat. With all of our friends how could it miss--even with Ding-Ding getting all the attention. By the way, how's Paul? He really is cool, but going out with older men, especially teachers--how risque! Make sure and tell me what it's like. This year has really been a year for the senior boys--mainly cause there wasn't anyone else. You and Hutchens and me and noone--I tried with Forbes, but it didn't work. Prom was really cool, at least the dance was. Now we're graduated and Fox's is over. I'm really sorry about the way Bill acted last night at Fox's. Enough of that. It has really been great having you as a friend the last few years. Love, Ginny CONTEMPORARY COMMENT: Haha remember Friday nights at the "Hole"? Who's Ding-Ding? Wow, seems like I spent a good deal of time chasing "older" men--yes, I did have one date with our math teacher Paul Halac after graduation, but it was anything but risque. Ginny, I hope I signed your book with just as much juicy teen activity.
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